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STC 2017 End of year Accomplishments and Appeal

Dear Share The Care Supporters,
Recently at an event, a working caregiver stopped by our STC table. Intuitively, I sensed that this particular woman was truly in desperate need of help.  At first she was reluctant to engage in much conversation and was readying herself to walk away.  So I took a chance and looked into her eyes and asked “can I give you a hug?”  It was that hug that blew open the dam. “I’m so overwhelmed.  I’ve been taking care of both my mother and my father for over 15 years.  My sister is of no help.” It was also clear that a lot of time had gone by since anyone had asked her how she was doing or took the time to listen to the enormous responsibilities she was carrying. This tiny demonstration of concern cracked open a door to a discussion with her about self-care, asking for help and how STC works.
Every day the number of caregivers is increasing and they NEED to know about STC. Our grassroots, evidence-informed model continues to prove its effectiveness as a compassionate solution to help caregivers everywhere. It is one of the most rewarding solutions to the caregiving crisis especially since STC gives novice caregivers a way to learn how to be a caregiver in the company of others, many of whom may be veteran caregivers.
We Need Your Support. There are important conferences we need to attend, STC materials to be developed and printed and STC books purchased to send to individuals and organizations that can raise the visibility of our cause.  Funds can help us enlist the services needed to do a webinar, for tech support, and to work on developing collaborations. It is also critical to have funds available when opportunities strike. We have requests for a Spanish and French edition of STC and are seeking publishers in other countries.  Do you know any?
If you have never made a donation to ShareTheCaregiving, Inc. before, please make this the year you start.
If you are part of an STC group, or are helped by one, please reflect on your experience and the value of having a ready-made plan to organize and sustain your group. We need you to TAKE ACTION NOW to back our work generously this year. A meaningful tax-deductible donation of $100, $500 or $1,000 or more would help sustain our efforts.
To donate online go to: and click on SUPPORT US. Or if you prefer to send a check, please make it payable to ShareTheCaregiving/NCCI and mail to the address below:
Please send us your videos, STC group photos and stories to inspire new groups. Help increase our visibility and “LIKE US” on Facebook: Share The Care™, Twitter: ShareTheCareOrg and Instagram: Sharethecareorg

A heartfelt thank you to all of our supporters!

Warm wishes to you and yours for
Sheila Warnock
Founder & President
STC 2017 Accomplishments


New York Post seeking STC group helping a cancer patient.

NY Post  Header / Logo

This is to be an article on the people you can surround yourself with to help you with your diagnosis/treatment/recovery. A kind of “it takes a village” look at cancer. It may be something that people end up doing intuitively, but we hope this will help those who need some structure after receiving scary news, or fill in the holes for others. I’ll want to talk to you about your “team,” which may include a doctor network; a bff; a patient advocate (sometimes provided by hospital if you ask); a personal advocate to make and take you to appointments; a chemo buddy; a recovery group.

Lives in the tri-state area and kicked cancer with the help of a team of friends/advocates/doctors with specific goals/duties
Send to:
Heidi Mitchell, New York Post
Category: Lifestyle and Fitness 

Media Outlet: New York Post

Deadline: 7:00 PM EST – 20 April 

THANK YOU.   Please share with those you think may qualify and be interested.

STC Research Article – Published!

ATTN: Health Professionals  

Share The Care research article from The Journal of Gerontological Social Work

The STC research article has been published online..there are only 50 free downloads – 49 left :-).  After that, the publishing company requires paid membership and/or access through an institution.
Here is the link:

It will also publish in paper format – we are not sure which issue yet.

Life Fest Film Festival

Kathy O. Lofton will be in Los Angeles on April 27, 2016 to promote her documentary, I Am a Caregiver
This film is an official selection by the Life Fest Film Festival, which will take place at LA Live April 28-May 1. 
The address is 800 W. Olympic Blvd, 90015.
We encourage you to view the film and champion this social cause of supporting family caregivers. 

Visit for festival details.

You may also view the film’s trailer via Vimeo.

The link is and the password is caregiver901. 

End of Year Accomplishments & Appeal


OVER THE YEARS YOUR SUPPORT has allowed us to evolve from a guidebook to a non-profit organization that continues to help care recipients, their caregivers and families at a vulnerable time by providing a tried and true plan for their relatives, friends and neighbors to help them. In fact, the recent STC research that included participants from the US, Canada and Australia confirm the benefits to everyone involved in a STC group.
“Having the different experiences spread around so nobody got really burnt out made our connection with each other on the team and with our friend just kind of one of grace, one of beauty, instead of obligation.”
~ Share The Care Group Member
Structured Interview, 2014
As we end 2015, STC is being used for a new State Initiative in Wisconsin that will focus on supporting people who live alone with early stage Alzheimer’s Disease.  Our next professional training is scheduled for December at North Shore-LIJ Stern Center for Rehabilitation in Manhasset, New York. We alsolearned that at the NYS Caregiving Respite Conference in Albany this month, the STC presentation rated “highest in relevance” for the 118 participants – caregivers and health professionals from throughout New York State.
We are optimistic about 2016, especially since we have recently welcomed three new Board members.  Our goal now is to step back and take an objective look at all we’ve accomplished and with the help of our Board, Steering Committee, Advisory Board, donors, caregivers, STC groups and volunteers chart a roadmap for the coming years.
As the STC model continues to touch the lives of so many around the world, we ask you to take action now.  Please consider a tax-deductible donation of$100, $500 or $1,000 to help us grow and expand our efforts.  Please give generously online at: or if you prefer to give by check please make it payable as listed below and mail it to the address shown.
C/o The National Center for Civic Innovation – 6th floor
121 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10013-1590
You can even make a significant donation to STC as a whole group.  Please visit our website DONATE page that lists a variety of ways people can give.And now you can support us by doing your online Holiday (or anytime) shopping or travel reservations through our website.
We always welcome your STC group photos and stories for the website. They really do inspire others. Please help us gain visibility and “LIKE US” on Facebook: Share The Care™ and: Twitter ShareTheCareOrg
With gratitude, we wish you and yours a Healthy and Joyous Holiday Season,
Sheila Warnock
Founder & President
Your tax-deductible donations will cover our conference fund allowing us to travel and present the STC model and research at highly visible conferences. (Our abstract has already been accepted by four.)  Also to cover the cost of books, printing brochures and creating new program materials.  My computer is over 12 years old and needs to be replaced.

Your support helped us to
accomplish so much in 2015


2015 NYS Caregiving & Respite Conference
Albany, NY
Final Transitions Conference Death, Science and Conciousness
Tucson, AZ
7th Annual Palliative Care Conference
Molloy College, NY
Pemphigus and Pemphigoid Conference
STC Professional Training
Baraboo, WI
Wausau, WI 
STC Professional Training
The Stern Family Center for Rehabilitation, Manhasset, NY 
IFC – 3rd World Congress on Integrated Care
Mexico City, MX
The Baraboo_ WI STC Training
The Baraboo, WI STC Training to kick-off a new state-wide initiative using STC to support people living alone with early stage Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia.
STC in Wausau_ WI
Training in Wausau, WI

This year we
introduced our First
STC Newsletter. People
tell us that they love our
Newsletter. We enjoy being
able to engage more often
with our STC caregivers and
groups as well as health
professionals, corporations
and faith communities.


Share The Care™
  • increases the caregiving preparedness of group members
  • supports a care receiver’s ability to stay at home
  • is replicable, can be applied across multiple settings & circumstances
  • ensures longevity through its structured system of care
  • helps reduce the burden of the caregiver
  • has a positive impact on
    everyone involved
“It was the most rewarding experience of my life. It proved that I could contribute so much without feeling overwhelmed or overburdened. It taught me to trust others, to know the real meaning of “team work.”
Emotionally, being able to choose to help according to my strengths and to “pass the buck”where I felt I was weak was a Godsend.”
~ Research Participant
Today_s Caregiver Award


 In April Sheila was honored with the prestigious
Maggie Kuhn Award by 
Presbyterian Senior Services 
for her vision, leadership and dedication to help caregivers.

Elizabeth Dole Foundation Fellowship Applications

 The Elizabeth Dole Foundation is now accepting applications for our 2016 class of Dole Caregiver Fellows!

The Dole Caregiver Fellowship provides those caring for wounded, ill and injured service members and veterans the opportunity to advise national leaders through the Foundation’s network of public, private and nonprofit organizations providing services to caregivers.

Caregivers can click here to apply, or visit the Elizabeth Dole Foundation’s homepage at The application deadline is October 1, 2015.

Members of the 2015 fellows class stood on stage with First Lady Michelle Obama and VA Secretary Robert McDonald at the Foundation’s Hidden Heroes Coalition Summit to share how caring for a wounded warrior has impacted their lives.  They carried their message to Capitol Hill during nearly 150 meetings with Members of Congress. In February, fellows attended a Foundation gathering of more than 100 leaders in the areas of caregiving, veterans’ issues and volunteering to give their perspective on how the nation could provide better support to military caregivers. And in their home states, the fellows served as ambassadors and organizers, developing connections among caregivers and educating local associations, community groups and businesses.

Please help us give caregivers a voice by sharing this application with your communities.

We are seeking applications from those caring for service members and veterans from both pre- and post-9/11 generations. The application website lists which states currently have openings. Successful applicants for the 2016 class will raise awareness of caregiver issues as part of the Foundation’s Hidden Heroes Campaign, chaired by Tom Hanks.

Thank you for your continued support!

Steve Schwab
Executive Director
The Elizabeth Dole Foundation



The STC research study has been completed providing confirmation of what we have been saying about the STC experience for the last 20 years. We can now describe STC as an “evidenced-informed model.” (See below)

A HUGE THANK YOU to all of the STC care recipients, caregivers and group members from the US, Canada and Australia who participated in this important study. It could not have happened without you!   And we truly appreciate all the groups out there using STC to help more and more people who need caregiving support. BRAVO.

Unless you are in the healthcare field this study may not seem like a big deal, but for STC, it should help to open more opportunities for funding and programs so that we can reach, teach and help many more caregivers everywhere.

The Call to Action

Our job now is to get the word out to professionals.

Researcher, Amy Hegener and I need to present “SHARE THE CARE™ – An Established Model Supported by Research and Practice”at important conferences in late 2015 – into 2016 and have submitted abstracts.

Society for Social Work and Research
20th Annual Conference – Washington, DC

3rd World Congress on Integrated Care
International Conference – Mexico City

American Society on Aging
2016 Aging in America – Washington, DC

HealthCareChaplaincy 3rd Annual “Caring for the Human Spirit”
Global Conference – San Diego. CA

NOW, AFTER A YEAR OF HARD WORK to reach this point, we really need everyone’s support to cover our conference fees and travel.
THE GOAL IS $14,000

Please donate online at or if you prefer by check. Your can make a donation in honor of a friend or loved one. If you are in a STC group this is a great reason for a group donation.

Or If you prefer send us a check payable to ShareTheCaregiving/NCCI and mail it to:

ShareTheCaregiving Inc.
c/o The National Center for Civic Innovation – 6th Floor
121 Avenue of the Americas
New York City, NY 10013-1590

YOUR GIFTS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE. Please include your name and address so we can properly acknowledge your gift and; if you would like to be kept informed of STC news, your email address. As always your group stories and photos for our website are always encouraged and welcome.



Sheila Warnock

About the Research

The STC program is supported by a descriptive evaluation using a non-experimental mixed-methods design. The study sample was purposive and included a total of 143 participants from around the US, Canada and Australia. Data were collected via an online survey and through follow-up phone interviews.

The following research questions were addressed:

  1. Is participation in STC associated with a reduced level of burden for the primary caregiver and/or other family members?
  2. Is there an association between participation in STC and improved confidence in caregiving skills among group members?
  3. Is there a relationship between the shared experience and group members’ satisfaction?

The findings of this study suggest that the STC program is positively associated with the following outcomes:

  • contributing to a reduced level of burden among caregivers;
  • supporting a care receiver’s ability to stay at home with necessary supports, thereby decreasing the potential for reliance on more costly formal systems;
  • adding to or improving the well-being of participants, by remaining focused on a distinct psychological structure;
  • enhancing the caregiving skills of participants by preparing them for future caregiving situations; and
  • demonstrating variability that can be applied across settings and cultures.

These findings provide a foundation of supportive evidence that confirms STC as a best-practice model in the field of caregiving and one that can be replicated in a cost-effective manner across locations and challenges.  The results of this study further indicate that STC is effective in addressing a number of different challenges, whether short or long in duration.

It was the most rewarding experience of my life. It proved that I could contribute so much without feeling overwhelmed or overburdened.

It taught me to trust others, to know the real meaning of “team work”.

I think the military must be something like a Share the Care group — each member depending on the others and trusting with their whole hearts that they were supported. Emotionally, being able to choose to help according to my strengths and to “pass the buck” where I felt I was weak was a Godsend.”

– Research Study Participant

September 11-13th – Final Transition Conference in Tucson, AZ

STC at the ‘Science, Death, and Consciousness’ – Conference


Do you have more questions than answers about the end of life? Few topics are as full of myth and mystery in our culture as end of life discussions and experiences. And few topics are as present and pressing to Baby Boomers than the end of life. The Final Transition Conference introduces science where there had been speculation. It also introduces good research where there mainly had been rumination.

Limited spaces will also be available at the conference for those interested in CEUs and CMEs. The Final Transition Conference will also be streamed live for those who are unable to attend.

Presenting at the conference will be:  Stephan A. Schwartz, Sheila Warnock, Betsy MacGregor MD, Cynda Rushton PhD/RN, Sharon Murfin, Barbara Dossey RN/PhD, Pim van Lommel MD, Larry Dossey MD, Peter Fenwick MD, Julie Beischel PhD, Jim Tucker MD, and Marilyn Schlitz PhD.”

STC Website wins Today’s Caregiver Magazine Award!

… and the Award from Today’s Caregiver Magazine’s
2015 Caregiver Friendly® website goes to…


STC website homepage

Today’s Caregiver, the first national magazine for all family and professional caregivers, and  announce the 2015 Caregiver Friendly® Award recipients.  The Caregiver Friendly® Awards are designed to celebrate products, services, books and media created with the needs of caregivers in mind.

“HOW WE CAN HELP YOU?” is the theme of our NEW  web site. It was designed so that our varied caregiving audiences can locate the information they need about our highly regarded group caregiving model-Share The Care™.

Easy-to-navigate and color-coded for:
  • Caregivers & Concerned Friends
  • Health Professionals
  • Faith Communities and
  • Corporations
Visit for: information, resources, 23 forms, links to purchase book, videos, group stories, trainings, workshops, presentations and support.
About The Caregiver Friendly Awards:
Caregiver Friendly® Awards are presented by Today’s Caregiver magazine to celebrate outstanding books, media, products and services designed with the best interest of the family caregiver in mind. Today’s Caregiver magazine, launched in 1995, is published by Caregiver Media Group, which also produces the Fearless Caregiver and The Fearless Caregiver book which teaches caregivers how to become their loved one’s fearless advocates within the healthcare system.