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STC Research Study

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STC Research Study

Amy Hegenger, a PhD candidate at the School of Social Welfare at the State University of Albany, is working on a comprehensive evaluation of the STC model’s impact on key stakeholders: care recipients, their primary caregiver, and the STC group members.

Amy works at the New York State Office for the Aging in the area of long term care, systems planning and analysis and also has experience as a hospital social worker.  Her primary research interest is in older adult activity and volunteerism.  She heard Sheila speak about STC at a conference in Albany, and knew her organization was seeking a researcher to do a study on the value of STC.

The study was initiated this summer.  People were asked to complete an online survey and were also invited to participate in a follow up phone conversation with the researcher.  Over 50% of participants indicated that they would be willing to do so.  The final paper is expected to be complete and ready for publication and presentations by the Spring 2015.

This research is a first step in developing an evidence base that we believe will document the effectiveness of the STC model in achieving important public policy goals.

Download a 7 page PDF Summary of the Final  Research report.