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Foundations, sponsors and donors often ask us:

  • “How many Share The Care™ (STC) groups are there?”
  • “Where are they located?”
  • “What is the illness, or condition of the care recipient?”
  • “How many people are in a group?”

Help us by responding to these basic questions and give us a clearer picture of the scope of our grassroots STC model. Once registered, you can access the forms at any time – by entering your information again or by referring to the emailed link that came when you first entered your information.

Even tho a donation is not required: In order to keep Share The Care™ growing, we ask that you make a voluntary tax deductable contribution of $10. You can make any sized donation you would like on our donation page as well. You may click to visit our donation page either before or after you have downloaded our forms.

You will have access to all the forms in the Share The Care™ book as often as you need them.

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  1. All of our Group & Meeting forms.
  2. PDF: Four Page Comprehensive Handout
    • Where to begin!
    • The Seven Principles of STC
    • Important Suggestions for Organizing During the First Weeks
    • Create an Emergency Plan
  3. PDF: The Seven Principles of STC
  4. PDF: Important Suggestions for Organizing During the First Weeks
  5. PDF: Create an Emergency Plan
  6. PDF: Finding the People That Care