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Our Supporters

Our Supporters

At EmblemHealth, we know that nothing is more important than access to quality doctors and health care facilities. Doctors who have specialized expertise. Doctors affiliated with great hospitals. Doctors who speak your language. That is why we work hard to attract and keep the best doctors and hospitals in each network. You can select a network that includes our physician group practices. They offer on-site labs and radiology, primary care physicians and specialists who work together, and a full range of commonly used health services, providing coordinated care at one convenient location.

We also know that quality health coverage means helping to keep you healthy, not just providing coverage when you are sick. That is why all of our EmblemHealth plans cover preventive care and offer a broad range of resources for living a healthy life or coping with a chronic medical condition.

With online tools and resources to help you better understand and manage your health, to incentives for healthier living, we work hard to keep you healthy.

We thank EmblemHeatlh for their support.

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First Presbyterian Church of Forest Hills, NY, .

A diverse family of Christian faith and fellowship, loving and serving our neighbors.