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I had volunteered….

“I had volunteered in a Share The Care™ group at another church a few years ago. It’s such an honor to serve the Lord with these folks, since several of the volunteer caregivers have or are suffering from diseases or other issues themselves. It’s a great inspiration.” ~ Paula J. Shore, Edgewood Baptist Church Edmonds,

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I had the pleasure

“I had the pleasure and opportunity to organize 3 Share The Care groups within my parish community…we called the ministry “Circle of Hands”…each one was different and required different levels of support…it was amazing. Now 6 years later in a new state I may begin another group. What a gift this is. Thank you. I

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I was a Funny Family….

“I was a Funny Family (what original STC groups were called) member for a dear neighbor, Bobbie Dean, 11 years ago as she entered final stage of breast cancer. Our Priest gathered her Funny Family (all neighbors) to teach us to help her through her death. I see the experience as one of the highlights

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As you may have heard….

“As you may have heard by now, Mary Pat has ovarian cancer. During her treatment many people want to help, but don’t know how. Last night, a group of friends from St. Giles family Mass Community got together with Mary Pat to pray and begin to organize Mary Pat’s Community of Care. We are using

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