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Over the last 27 years, STC groups have gifted us with their unique stories, and ideas to support their care recipient.  They bring our knowledge to life by sharing what is possible when a STC group pools their hearts and minds to meet any challenge. In fact, STC’s second edition (2004) grew by 50 pages loaded with new and significant learning and inspiration.

BE A CONTRIBUTOR and send us your solutions, stories, photos and videos for consideration to be included in our 3rd edition of Share The Care.  See below for ways to submit.

Your photos and videos would be used in our STC presentations and we’ll credit your STC group by name (whether we include your stories or not).  If you have attended my presentations you are aware they are brimming over with REAL group photos and stories.  Feedback from audience members cites they were most taken with YOUR stories.

“The personal stories put a real face on the STC model.  All of your examples and stories from the heart to the heart.  Because this is about part of life–several times I was reminded of situations, people in my own community, pieces of this model that are already happening – but the model seems to pull those pieces together and tap into the power of a group, the gifts that each person brings to the group, and how to make caregiving a sustainable and blossoming proposal.”

Activity Director Residential Care Home

“This was a compelling seminar.  The personal stories and videos were wonderful and makes all
the difference in knowing Share The Care really works.”

Social Worker

If you have questions, please contact me by email to schedule a time to discuss by phone.  I always welcome personal connections with caregivers, group members or health professionals or faith community leaders.

To schedule an appointment with Sheila please email: or call 212-991-9688

Please note: By sending us material and information, you give ShareTheCaregiving, Inc. (also known as Share The Care™) permission to use it for free and only for our non-profit and educational purposes. Everything you send us will be credited to your group. Also, you release ShareTheCaregiving, Inc. from all claims, demands, liability and causes of action arising from our use of the material. 

THANK YOU for your efforts to spread kindness, hope and love at a time when it is most needed.

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Form for Images & Stories - For 3rd Edition

Form for Images & Stories - For 3rd Edition


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