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2020 challenged all of us in extraordinary ways. But now that people are heading back to work or being called back to the office, the issues of family caregiving become more pronounced. “Who’s going to watch mom?” “What if my kid needs help?” “We need to schedule regular treatments.” “How can I be in two places at once?”

Caregiving is the toughest job in the world. And for the working caregiver it can be a living nightmare —like being suffocated by an overwhelming, terrifyingly complex job with no relief in sight. Far too many employees hide the fact they’re shouldering such a responsibility. They fear losing their job. Or they don’t know how to ask for help. Or they just think they have to do it alone. Others may know of their struggles and offer help, however, rarely does anyone know how to turn those offers into positive action.


Share The Care is the team approach to caregiving, showing ordinary people an extraordinary way to bring their friends, family, neighbors or faith community together to share the burden. Even more important, we’re part of The New York City Partnership for Family Caregiving Corps to help businesses and their employees reduce the impact on productivity due to family caregiving issues.

Help is Here

The Corps has made presentations and provided resources for caregivers at conferences at Fordham University, The New York Academy of Medicine, and through “Lunch and Learn” sessions for corporations like Time Inc., and Better Living Now.  Reach out to us or EmblemHealth if you’d like the Corps to speak at your company!

Help is Here

As Co-Chair of The New York City Partnership for Family Caregiving Corps, we support the vision first suggested by Greg Johnson (center): “Family Caregiving has many faces and at some point in our lives each of us becomes a family caregiver and most of us will also be cared for by others.

Family Caregivers are the backbone of the world’s healthcare systems…both families of origin and families of choice. We at EmblemHealth applaud and salute each.

The intersection, the convergence of work life and family caregiving is an important point of focus that for too long has not been given its needed attention.” 


Phyllis Waisman and Betty Himmelsbach at the STC Table at a Conference NY Academy of Medicine.
The immediate result for the caregiver employee is a visible reduction of stress, and improved overall physical and emotional well-being. As one caregiver put it: “I felt a weight lift off my shoulders.”

No matter if one is caring for a chronically ill child, an aging parent, a spouse with a debilitating long-term illness or a short-term injury — the experience of sharing the care builds a sense of community both in and out of the office.

Together with everyone in the NYC Partnership for Family Caregiver Corps, STC’s goal is to work with you to reverse the negative equation of caregiving in the workplace, restore productivity and help your caregiver employees and their loved ones experience a better “quality of life.”


Talks with Greg; Conversations In Caregiving
Reverend Greg Johnson speaks with Sheila Warnock


“The encouragement and the practical suggestions in Share The Care are making the difference between my wife, Betsy, spending her last years in a nursing home and spending her last years in our home, surrounded by people (Team Betsy) who love her.”     

~ Richard Baer, RN, M.Ed.



“I think the (STC) book was the best piece of information we received in all our searching.  It is the greatest and I recommend it to everyone who asks about our situation.  I wish that all hospitals could hand it out when they give you a diagnosis for ALS.  I wish you could get a grant to have it placed in every hospital waiting room and doctor’s office.  Everyone knows someone who could benefit from reading it.”

~ Kathryn Field
(The STC group (FOPACK) for her husband made it possible for Kathryn to be able to continue her work.)


“My Mom needed 24-hour care. I was overwhelmed.  I have three small children. My husband works long hours. All of my family lives on the East Coast.  I had felt so isolated and alone.

I prayed to God to give me the strength to do it all, instead, he had my boss hold a (Share The Care) meeting. When I walked into the room, I knew my prayers were answered,  for he had sent me an ‘Army of Angels.’”

~ Patricia McHale


“I just learned about your group and your efforts today, after finally acknowledging to myself, my wife, and a friend or two this weekend that I am in danger of losing my job unless I confront the burnout I am experiencing and make some changes…

I know that caregiving financial assistance in these days of economic turmoil is pretty nonexistent, so I am grateful to have found your site.

Honestly, I usually manage to get an attitude of gratitude together to help get me through, but this week and the past few have found me with my head in the clouds, and those clouds have been very dark. I am glad to have found you and your site.”

 ~ Email from a working caregiver


“Without our group, it would have been nearly impossible for me to continue employment while taking care of my sibling.”

~ STC Caregiver (from STC Study)

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