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HP Member Quotes

Wish to have found STC sooner

“I recently lost my father and was his caregiver.  I had become frustrated and burned-out balancing career, my own family (stress it placed on them) and helping care for my parents.  I still struggle with guilt over what I could have done better.  This would have been so beneficial and will share with my patients


Wonderful Experience

“Such a wonderful experience in caring for our fellow human beings.  Outstanding example of high- quality human service.”                                                                                 ~ RN


This shows what we can do

“Too often we “workers” think about what we can’t do.  This shows what we can do ––need to do.  Warehousing elders in Nursing Homes is very sad.  Finding ways to keep people at home safely should be our aim for those who want this.”  ~ Case Manager  


Very Empowering

“Very empowering.  As we baby boomers age, we will need to take care of each other because this is going to be a serious shortage of health care professional.  Plus, with recent government budget cuts, agencies aren’t going to be able to provide the same level of service.  We will have to depend on volunteers.”

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