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The encouragement …

“The encouragement and the practical suggestions in Share The Care are making the difference between my wife, Betsy, spending her last years in a nursing home and spending her last years in our home, surrounded by people (Team Betsy) who love her.”      ~ Richard Baer, RN, M.Ed.    


I think the STC book was the best piece of information …

“I think the (STC) book was the best piece of information we received in all our searching.  It is the greatest and I recommend it to everyone who asks about our situation.  I wish that all hospitals could hand it out when they give you a diagnosis for ALS.  I wish you could get a


My mom needed 24 hour care …

“My Mom needed 24-hour care. I was overwhelmed.  I have three small children. My husband works long hours. All of my family lives on the East Coast.  I had felt so isolated and alone. I prayed to God to give me the strength to do it all, instead, he had my boss hold a (Share


I just learned about your group and…

“I just learned about your group and your efforts today, after finally acknowledging to myself, my wife, and a friend or two this weekend that I am in danger of losing my job unless I confront the burnout I am experiencing and make some changes… I know that caregiving financial assistance in these days of

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