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Do I have to be a professional to start a Share The Care™ group?

Absolutely not.  With step-by-step directions, two people can organize the first meeting. They might be friends, neighbors, or co-workers.  They will work with the care recipient/family to create a list of whom to invite and to figure out what kind of help will be needed.  Chapters 2-9 in the STC book are written to them and explain in


How does a Share The Care™ group begin?

A group might start at the suggestion of a friend, neighbor, co-worker or through someone who has experienced being in a STC group.  Sometimes a family caregiver finds STC on the internet and decides it’s a good solution for their loved one’s circumstance.  Even the person needing the support may discover the model and tell


Why do we need a group? Why not just hire a nurse’s aide?

A STC group does not take the place of a professional caregiver, however, not everyone can afford to hire a full-time aide.   A STC group and a nurse’s aide can all work together as part of the same team.   Friends have a head start as they know the care recipient (and their family) and can fill many needs


Is Share The Care™ a support group?

No.  STC is an evidence-informed group caregiving model that allows friends, neighbors, co-workers and acquaintances to organize into a “caregiving family” to help someone they know in need of support.  The group’s efforts are meant not only to help the care recipient but also the family caregiver and the rest of the family. And if someone has

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