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How can I help ShareTheCaregiving with its mission?

There are many ways you can help.  Making a donation will help cover the cost of maintaining the organization so we can keep working to get the word out.  This includes covering the costs of educational materials, upkeep of our website, and new projects that are being developed to specifically assist more caregivers, health professionals,

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What’s the goal of ShareTheCaregiving?

We envision a world where caregivers can find the support they need and those who help them can realize the impact their efforts have on the whole community. Our Mission is to offer you the guidebook, tools and education needed to reduce the stress, depression, isolation and economic hardship of caregiving.

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What do Share The Care groups do?

They can do just about anything they set their mind to do…from everyday support (cooking, shopping, cleaning and going to doctor’s appointments) to fundraising, or keeping a small business running.  A group can make it possible for a caregiver to keep working and bringing in a salary.  They can accompany a care recipient out of

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